Corporate Events

The thought of a corporate day can strike fear into the heart of even the most dedicated of employees, but we are here to change all that. Call us to arrange a corporate day that’s not only enjoyable, but fun, relaxing and sociable too!

Unleashing creativity has well documented social, health, and business benefits. Brush Party events can lead to better teamwork, increased productivity, and generally cheerier dispositions all-around!

Our events combine conversation, drinks, creativity and some great music. A perfect environment for your team to set about creating their masterpiece.

Our corporate events team will make it easy! We can come to your office, or help you find the perfect venue. Our standard package does not include food or drinks, but if this is something you would like us to handle, we are happy to discuss pricing options with you.

You can choose any painting from our library, or we can work with you on a custom design for your company (there would be a minimum £100 extra charge).

From individual paintings to a mystery puzzle painting, we offer a variety of ways to bond with your team!

Team Building Ideas:

Individual Paintings… A traditional Brush Party event! Each person in the room paints their own masterpiece with the help of our artist’s step-by-step instruction.

Team Painting… Working together with the instruction of our Brush Party artist, each person in the group contributes to a large scale painting for an eye catching end result.

It’s a Mystery… Keep them guessing! Each person completes their section … the only catch is that no one knows what the finished painting looks like until the end!

Musical Chairs Painting… We love this! Sing along to our Brush Party tunes and when the music stops, you swap seats! Each painter gets to put their mark onto every canvas! With the help of our artist, the end result will be amazing and you’ll want to do it again!

Our minimum charge for private events is £580 +20% VAT which will cover up to 30 people. All numbers over 30 are charged at £20.00 +vat per head. This, at capacity of 40 (venue dependent) makes it a substantial saving on our public price of £29.00 per head.

A £150 non refundable deposit is required to book your party. Once the deposit is processed, your event will be confirmed and your guests can start registering with you. Your deposit will be applied to the cost of the party, with the full balance being payable no later than 48 hrs before. Please do note that even if the number of painters on the day are less than expected, the full amount must still be charged.

Please contact us for more details on 01844 390208 or email …We look forward to hearing from you!

Let’s get your party started…

Tell us when and where you’d like your Brush Party and we’ll get back to you.