Event description

Join us for our ‘Summer Flowers’ Family Brush Party on Wednesday 31st August 2022 at 4pm at The Angel in Bicester and let us inspire your budding Picasso!

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A Family Brush Party is suitable for everyone (recommended for all those aged between 6 and 93, but we are flexible!) Bring your little artist to the Wednesday time event and paint our beautiful pic called ‘Summer Flowers’!

Our artist will walk you and your family through creating your masterpiece. You’ll be delighted as your blank canvas transforms in less than 2 hours.

Our events are well paced, family friendly and only £18 per canvas. For example, if you’re sharing a canvas together then only 1 ticket is required, but if you would like to paint individually then a ticket is required per person for their own canvas.

You don’t need to bring anything apart from yourself… We provide everything… A 16” x 12” quality canvas, all the paint you need, brushes, aprons, music and the environment for you to have a great time.

We are not sticklers, we are all for you mixing it up a bit… If you feel confident, you can interpret our instruction any way you wish, that’s fine by us! We love it when you go ‘rogue’ – we might even learn a thing or two!

Please do note that your ticket price does not include food or drinks.

The event starts at 3pm but please arrive at least 15 minutes early to get your seat. Our family events usually last an hour and a half, but times may vary. Our paintings are designed to match the abilities and attention span of younger children – our parties are recommended for all ages from 6 to about 93!

Although we provide aprons, it might be worth wearing old clothes (just in case).

We look forward to seeing you for a couple of hours of fun and creativity!

Please note: Children must be accompanied by an adult. A Brush Party is not a traditional painting class. Music is played throughout the event.