Event description

A live ‘ZOOM’ Watercolour Brush Party… It’s all about fun!

Grab a coffee, settle down to your watercolours and get ready to unleash your inner Van Gogh! In this live, interactive online event, our artist will walk you through creating your watercolour masterpiece. You’ll be delighted as your blank page transforms in just a short while!

We are not sticklers, we are all for you mixing it up a bit – If you feel confident, you can interpret our instruction any way you wish – Maybe you’d like to change the colours to suit your décor? We love it when you go ‘rogue’, we might even learn a few tricks!

You will need:

• Access to Zoom

• Watercolour paint (ideally Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Black)

• Watercolour Paper

• 1 large brush and detail brush

• Pot of water for rinsing brush

• Plate for mixing paint

• Paper towels

You may also want (Optional):

• Table top easel

• Other paint colours

• Apron

All items are available to purchase in advance from Brush Party or your favourite online craft shop. If ordering supplies from Brush Party, please allow 3-5 days for delivery.

Please login at least 5 minutes early. This event will last approximately 1.5 hours but times may vary… we look forward to seeing you online!