Event description

Join us online with our fabulous internet-based private ZOOM parties… Great for Birthdays, Hen Nights, Fundraising, Team Building, and more!

Brush Party is about making art fun! Grab a drink, settle down to your canvas and unleash your inner Van Gogh with friends, family, and work colleagues from all over the world! We can supply everyone with everything they need and go live with us on Zoom for a fully interactive experience, taking you step-by-step through creating your own masterpiece in just a couple of hours.

Option 1 – Zoom:

Your event would start at a time that suits you and last for just over two hours. We are very flexible with times.

For up to 100 painters, we’d recommend using Zoom Webinar where we can have 48 people on screen at a time. We would send you a Zoom invite to distribute to your team with instructions and a link to log in to your Brush Party event.

Our event leader will talk everyone through setting up their Zoom screen and their painting equipment, and then lead you step by step through creating your masterpices.

We can send you a list of available paintings to choose from as soon as you confirm your event. The list is quite big and we are happy to give suggestions based on popularity or how challenging a painting is.

Throughout the event, members of your team can ask questions and we stop for breaks so that your team can interact with the teacher and each other. Participants are encouraged to interact and show their paintings at various stages.

Email info@brushparty.co.uk or call us on 01844 390208 for booking.

Option 2 – YouTube:

Our second option for groups of 100+ is a live YouTube stream with interactive text chat. We encourage YouTube live stream group participants to host a private Zoom meeting at the same time, which we’d ideally participate in too.

Whichever option you choose, it’s all about fun, and team members are always amazed and delighted at what they have achieved in just a couple of hours.


Our minimum cost per event (no equipment) is £168 inc Vat for up to 12 painters. Additional painters are charged at £14 a head.

Our minimum cost per event including equipment (not inc equipment delivery) is £312 inc Vat for up to 12 painters. Additional painters are charged at £26 a head. 

Equipment includes: Paint, Canvas, 2/3 Brushes, Water Cup, Palette, 2 paper towels.

Everyone painting will need basic art equipment: Paint, a canvas and brushes etc. We can send painting kits to individual addresses, we can send everything to one location to be collected by participants, or  we can send half to one location and half to individual addresses. There is an extra charge for delivery of £4.99 Per kit per address. Bulk delivery to one address from £35.00 depending on weight. We’d ideally need 7 days to make sure everyone receives their kit.

Whatever the occasion, a virtual Brush Party could be just the ticket! Contact us and we’ll take care of it all… You can just sit back and join in the fun! 

Email info@brushparty.co.uk or call us on 01844 390208 for booking.