Brush Party COVID-19 Commitment

We, like the rest of the world, understand the desire to get back to ‘normal’ as soon as possible but this is not something we have rushed in to.  We want you to know that we are closely following government advice and will be working within their guidelines whilst making the exciting step back to ‘live’ events. 

We have put an enormous amount of time in to liaising with our venues and training our team members to create new procedures that will ensure that every Brush Party event is COVID-19 compliant.

We are working with the following measures in place to keep our customers and staff safe and well. This is a working document and will be continuously updated:

Each of our venues is different and not all have re-opened or are ready to have us back yet. The venues we are returning to have completed their own risk assessment which we have had access to, and they are all operating under national and local authority guidance.  We hope to grow the list of venues as time goes on.

Each of our venues has their own COVID-Secure measures in place, which can be accessed via their websites. Contact information for venues can be found on the relevant event page.

Although we have always encouraged our guests to walk around and socialise, we ask that during this period, you remain seated throughout the event. We will have a dedicated station where we will dispense paint and other materials from if you require them. 

To maintain as much fresh air as possible, we will endeavour to make sure that all non-fire doors are open wherever possible.  This will also help with guests not touching door handles etc.

For the safety and wellbeing of all attendees and staff, please wash your hands thoroughly on arriving at the venue and BEFORE checking in with Brush Party. We will also be providing hand sanitiser which we ask you to use throughout the event. 

Brush Party commits to the following measure to keep us all COVID-19 compliant:

Our team will be:

  • Using disposable equipment
  • Rigorously cleaning brushes after an event
  • Disinfecting Easels and Aprons with spray before and after an event 
  • Using disposable cups and paper towels

We would ask all of our painters to attract the attention of staff by raising their hand rather than calling out or coming to the front.

Please keep personal belongings to a minimum as they will need to be kept with you throughout the event, rather than being left in a communal area.

Brush Party will ensure that all staff members are fully trained and conversant in our new COVID-19 procedures. 

As per current guidelines, our team will be notified that they MUST report any symptoms of COVID-19 or if they have been in contact with anyone with symptoms.  Anyone that we consider to be displaying symptoms or who has come into contact with anyone who is displaying symptoms, will be unable to work.  If we see anyone at our events that shows any symptom of COVID-19, we will ask them to leave with their guests. Please do not take offence at this, we are acting in your best possible interests. 

Brush Party will take part in a Track and Trace scheme while in force. If, after the event we become aware of anything that would indicate any of our guests have been exposed to any higher risk, we will contact the venue and all attendees to let them know. 

As always, if Brush Party need to cancel an event due to changes in guidelines, lockdowns, contamination of venues or staff sickness, all tickets will be entitled to a full refund or transfer.

Ticket holders MUST NOT attend if they display any COVID-19 symptoms or they risk transmitting COVID-19 to others.

Where you are cannot attend the event and are unable to give the required notice, we ask that guests give their tickets to friends or family. We do not charge for changing the name on a ticket, but we do ask that you notify us of the change for track and trace purposes.

As per our normal terms and conditions, Brush Party reserves the right to apply a £10 admin fee for ticket transfers to another event.

If you have any questions or require further information please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Please read our Participant Waiver Form before booking venue-based events.

Our standard cancellation policy:

Tickets are strictly non-refundable within 7 days of the event (unless an event is cancelled). However, you can sell your ticket on to someone else.

If Brush Party need to cancel an event due to changes in guidelines, lockdowns, contamination of venues or staff sickness, all tickets will be entitled to a full refund or transfer.

7+ days before the event – Tickets may be transferred or refunded. Third party booking fees are not refundable.

72 hours (3 days) before the event  –  Tickets may be transferred to another live or online event. No refunds are given. Brush Party reserves the right to apply a £10 admin fee for ticket transfers to another event.

Less than 72 hours notice – No refunds or transfers are given. However, you may sell on or give your ticket to another person to attend in your place. In this instance, Brush Party must be notified.

Age restrictions:

Our venue based events are recommended for anyone over the age of 16. However, please contact us if you are booking for anyone under the age of 18 as each venue has licensing conditions that can restrict the attendance of minors. Our online events are available for all ages.

Food and drink at our venues:

Your ticket price does not include food or drinks but they can usually be purchased from the venue during the evening. Please check availability with the venue on or before arrival. Bringing your own food and drink to the event is strictly prohibited.


A Brush Party is not a traditional painting class – Music is played throughout the event.