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With many of us now working from home and a large number of businesses restructuring so that employees can continue doing so… now is the time to keep employees feeling positive, valued, driven and still part of a team.  

Although some of us have been used to remote working, others may well be finding the shift from being in a social office environment to their kitchen table or spare room, harder to adapt to.  Being part of a remote team means that there are fewer opportunities to socialize and get to know each other which can lead to feelings of isolation and disconnection from our colleagues.

Brush Party online events can help remote teams to overcome these difficulties. Our events give your team the opportunity to connect, get creative and interact on a different level… this can build rapport, improve communication, and increase understanding of one another’s strengths and weaknesses.  It’s all about having fun, getting creative and doing something a little bit different!

We have a number of options available to you and your team… we can send all equipment required to each individual and we provide detailed instructions for you to distribute to your team. Your Online Brush Party can start at a time of day and would ideally last for about two hours. We have a large choice of paintings for you to choose from and we can advise on which paintings are more popular and which are easier to paint.

For our Corporate events, we suggest using either Zoom or a private YouTube stream.  Zoom is ideal for groups of 98 or less and up to 48 attendees can see each other and interact on screen at any one time. It’s lots of fun and highly interactive!

Our Brush Party Online events are masterfully facilitated by our experienced event leaders. They will talk everyone through setting up their art equipment (and Zoom screen if using Zoom) and then lead everyone step by step through creating their own paintings. It’s all about fun and our guests are always amazed and delighted at what they have achieved in just a couple of hours.

Let’s get your party started…

Tell us when and where you’d like your Brush Party and we’ll get back to you.